Aston POS – Retail solution

In order to overcome successfully such modern challenges as tough competition, increasing demands of customers for a wider assortment, flexible prices and more qualitative services, a very important role belongs to the business IT provision, which enables to manage more efficiently the assortment, prices and also provide buyers with good service. An important element of the retail business IT infrastructure refers to the store POS systems and collaboration thereof with the business stock accounting and financial management system.

Aston Baltic has been developing the retail business solution for more than 7 years and thanks to the broad functionality and service stability the solution has been chosen by many enterprises, both those which have only some cash registers and also retail chains that have 500 electronic cash registers (ECR).

The Aston-POS Retail Business Solution has been developed by applying Microsoft.NET Technology, and it has been integrated with such Enterprise Management Systems (ERP) as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Epicor Scala, in order to deliver integrated POS and backoffice solution.

General Chart of Aston-POS Solution


The Aston POS Solution helps to computerize and streamline your business processes at particular stores and retail chains to facilitate sale of your goods:

  • At hardware stores and building materials stores,
  • At appliance stores,
  • At grocery stores,
  • At footwear and clothing stores,
  • At chemist’s shops,
  • At public catering enterprises.

Advantages of Aston POS Solution

  • A flexible discount system (volume discount, time limit discounts, discounts to customers or to a group of customers, and other combinations),
  • Advance payment registration for orders placed from a catalogue;
  • ECR invoice printing options,
  • Guarantee slip printing,
  • Customer credit limit control,
  • Customer card support,
  • Customer loyalty program support,
  • Processing of electronic and usual gift cards,
  • Payment (VISA, EuroCard/MasterCard, American Express) cards acceptance,
  • Convenient POS Server user interface,
  • Provides on-line information on stock residues at stores,
  • Flexible data exchange with stores, as well as with the business accounting and financial management systems,
  • Embedded advertising system in the buyer’s monitor,
  • Different ECR application, including a touch screen display for data entry,
  • Ready for EURO introduction,
  • Able to operate at disruption in the Internet connection,
  • Data safety and protection,
  • User interface in a number of languages (LV, LT, EE, ENG),
  • Store manager’s report package.

Benefits offered by Aston-POS

  • Qualitative and reliable multifunctional software for stores supported by the Aston Baltic team of experienced professionals, who brilliantly know the Microsoft technologies, their programming and functionality.
  • A fully integrated uniform system from the enterprise financial management to a cash register, which, if necessary, can be supplemented with other specific requirements;
  • Broad functional capacities of the solution enable application of additional marketing and sales promotion leverages.

Our experience in retail sector

Fazer Amica (catering), Tele2 (mobile phones), TN Kuši (Construction materials), Camelia Vaistine (LT; chemists) and other enterprises.