Payroll and HRM

Knowledgeable and motivated employees manifest the most important resource of every enterprise, and the basic motivation element refers to an efficient payment system. A payment system of every enterprise is individual, and its maintenance and development refer to one of the most sophisticated Human Resource Management (HRM) functions.

The Aston Baltic Payroll and Human Resource Management Solution has been developed in consideration of advance trends in personnel management, and is built on the functionality of a vigorous international Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Business Management System. The first version of the solution was developed as early as in 2003. It computerizes the payroll and HRM for enterprises and organizations of different sectors, as well as secures the organization of related reports and tax administration accounting of the enterprise in accordance with the accepted standards and legislative regulations.

Our solution helps to streamline the payroll and HRM processes so that they would meet your requirements and provide benefits:

  • Maintenance of a resource saving, individual and incentive-based payment system,
  • Optimized personnel management and payroll process,
  • Centralized and dynamic information on the enterprise personnel.

Advantages of the solution

  • Comprehensive information storage and administration as regards the personnel, payroll and expenditures,
  • Generation of different documents, controllability of their terms of validity,
  • Health insurance and labour protection administration functions,
  • Internal, external report generation and printing,
  • The widest personnel management functions, including staff assessment.

Algu un personala risinajums


Time-work and piecework payroll calculation based on different time-work and piecework payment conditions. The automated calculation and accounting of all necessary deductions, automated calculation of pay and milestone payments, accounting and payment, tax recalculation for previous periods. The solution provides the export file generation for electronic banking systems and automated registration of all accounting entries in Microsoft Dynamics AX General Ledger.

Information on employees

The system enables to maintain a wealth of information on all employees: personal and family information, work on hand and position held, work-breaks, planned and worked time, piecework or time-work wage settings and other information.

The register of employees is formed by the employee cards, which accumulate comprehensive information on the company’s present and former personnel, as well as on potential employees. Photos, other necessary documents, such as orders, permits etc. can be added to every person. All defined and registered absences of employees can be viewed in the calendar.

For every position it is possible to specify the obligations and the required qualification as well. The qualification criteria can be used to find the most suitable for a position employee. The register of employees enables to view and register data necessary for the HRM, e.g., issued equipment, pass, an access code card, insurance policy etc.

Personnel management

Employees performance appraisal, as well as personnel training administration has been developed for the personnel certification and development promotion. The solution enables to accumulate information on employee’s work experience, education, qualification, obtained certificates etc. The qualification features are maintained for every registered person, and this allows selecting the most appropriate person for a free vacancy, by specifying the necessary for the position qualification criteria. The accounting of the issued equipment (a car, a laptop, a mobile phone etc.) and of other granted bonuses or privileges and control have been developed for more efficient application of the issued equipment and for better control, as well as for return thereof in case of termination of the employment relationship.

The solution maintains information on labour protection according to the local legislation, such as: a register of working-environment risk factors, specific working conditions defined for an employee and applicable protective means, etc. information.

Documents and reports

At hiring an employee, transferring, terminating the employment relationship the solution will offer to generate a corresponding order, and the generated document can be edited out in a Microsoft Word format and printed. An employee card can be supplemented with files and documents, e.g., copies of the obtained certificates. The document validity period control function enables to set up the reminder sending by e-mail in order to turn attention, e.g., to passport expiry date, a reminder on planned courses, on the end of the trial period, on the current mandatory health examination etc. The reminder addressee might be also the heads of structural units and the employees.

The solution enables preparation of reports to be submitted to the State Revenue Service and to the Central Statistical Administration of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with legislative requirements, as well as reports to the company’s management team, for needs of accounting and HRM department.

Our experience in personnel management

VK Tranzits, DnB Nord Banka, Latvijas Krājbanka (Savings Bank of Latvia), Rīgas piena kombināts (Riga Milk Plant), Fazer, Estonian Ministry of Defence etc.