Real Estate Management

If your business relates to real estate (land, buildings, apartments, commercial areas, etc.) takeover, maintenance with a design to let or sell it at an adequate price, balancing the necessary investments with a potential selling price, then you need a solution provided for quick, accurate and efficient fixing every transaction, for prevention of uncontrolled, “non-transparent” processes and for averting misappropriation cases.

Aston Baltic Real Estate Management Solution is based on powerful functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX intended to help companies engaged in real estate management.

Solution General Process Diagram


Our solution helps to streamline your business processes to meet your interests:

  • A full cycle of real estate (RE) units management from acquisition to letting and sale,
  • Detailed accounting of every unit (over 120 parameters for every unit),
  • Implementation of real estate units management, minimizing electronically the number of paper documents,
  • Units in the solution can be listed as individual companies, as the solution ensures the unified units management irrespective of their legal identity and offers tools both for foundation of a new undertaking and for data consolidation,
  • Every unit preserves its status, which changing requires definite procedures and the company must control the entire process and the status change procedures,
  • The common database can keep all RE unit – related documents, including land certificates, land boundary plans, inventory, inspection reports, unit photos, meters available in the unit, meter readings and other data, as well as fully keeps in the history all changes together with the user’s name, who and when was registered in the system,
  • For the development of the best solution for every real estate unit it is possible to provide:
    • Estimation of investment volume,
    • Estimation of expected maintenance costs,
    • Cost budgets,
    • Cadastral value,
    • Estimation of market value. 
  • A register of contracts with suppliers, tenants, as well as a register of unit insurance policies,
  • In order to ensure control every unit is assigned to persons in charge (e.g., a project manager, a building supervisor etc.),
  • Provide employees with efficient tools, which are divided per functions or employee’s part, mitigate the role of a “human factor” and help to improve efficiency.

Solution Advantages

  • RE unit takeover process management (public sale, court, registration in Land Register etc.),
  • Convenient accounting of real estate units in a tree structure with sub-units and additional documents,
  • Registration of co-owners of real estate units,
  • Every unit is provided with a definite legal status, but common management irrespective of identity,
  • Full cost monitoring per units and contracts with suppliers, verification of compliance of suppliers’ invoices with contracts,
  • Suppliers’ expenditure invoices re-invoicing to tenants,
  • Rental contracts with automated monthly generation of rental and utility bills,
  • Management of tenant /buyer relationship with a history of contacts,
  • Cost sharing and extension to every unit, funding source,
  • Full integration with financial accounting (ledger, receivables, payables, fixed assets) and with financial budgets,
  • Data exchange with other systems (payment data exchange with banking programs, etc),
  • Unit location on digital Google map,
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module provides:
    • A single contacts database with planned and implemented activities (letters, meetings, calls, unit inspections, offers etc.),
    • Classification of prospective customers per: interests (acquisition, rent, investments) and other criteria,
    • Criteria of units of interest to customers (land area, area of a private house, number of apartment rooms, city (town), housing estate, small rural district etc.),
    • Automatic units screening according to customer’s criteria,
    • According to unit’s parameters it is possible to screen corresponding customers, whose definite criteria apply to the unit,
  • Data analysis using MS Excel PIVOT.

Our experience in the real estate and financial sector:

Dominante Capital; Parex Banka, DnB Nord Banka, Latvijas Krajbanka, and other businesses.