Microsoft Sure Step Methodology

In implementation projects we use the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology, which is an official Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software implementation project methodology. Sure Step offers the description of every project step: Who, What and How To Do and Who is responsible for every step. This methodology over the years has accumulated knowledge and experience in software projects and new solution development in order to attain the goal – to introduce Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Management systems – with strong risk control and efficient use of resources.

Sure Step offers the description of the process stages, conditions, activities, roles of experts, interdependence of the stages, document samples and the project management processes. The methodology anticipates a number of project types:

  •       full implementation,
  •       quick implementation,
  •       optimization,
  •       upgrading.

Sure Step anticipates 6 main stages and 2 supplementary stages (optimization and upgrading). The stages cover a full project cycle from the project initiation, development, implementation to optimization and upgrading to the next software version. The stages end in a point of reference (procedure of completion of a certain stage). The point of reference summarizes the stage progress, evaluates the results and prepares the basis for the next stage.

Sure Step stages

  • Diagnostics – this stage deals with the customer process analysis at a very general level, agreement on approaches to the project, defined project scope and a project stage plan.
  • Analysis – this stage deals with the study and documentation of business processes to be computerized upon implementation of Microsoft Dynamics. The objective of the analysis is to understand the customer’s business and processes so that all aspects would be reflected in the Enterprise Management System.
  • Designing – the aim of this stage is to find a way how the customer’s processes and needs can be implemented using Microsoft Dynamics. It is necessary to identify the best strategy for the implementation stages.
  • Development – this stage deals with programming of necessary adjustments. The development stage covers both the development of new extensions and integration with the existing business systems and also data migration from the old system to the new one. All new functions and data migration are to be tested. It is also necessary to check the safety.
  • Deployment – this stage includes the computer system installations, preparation for the customer’s working environment. Apart from installation, the configuration and adjustment development, the total system should be tested. The following tests are to be done: user accepting testing, process verification, safety verification and load tests.
  • Operation – the enterprise starts using the solution.
  • Maintenance.
  • Optimization.
  • Upgrade.


Sure Step objectives

We do all that is necessary to secure the highest quality, and we believe that our skills, experience, right approach and application of a proven methodology would enable to introduce Microsoft Dynamics AX (before AXAPTA) with the lowest resource consumption, therefore we apply Microsoft Sure Step.