Software renting or SaaS

Why to buy if you can rent? This is an economically efficient solution.

There are business scenarios under which renting your business solution has significant advantages, such as:

- low startup investment, costs are spread out to usage period,

- pay according to usage

- complete solution – hardware, administration, server software and business solution is delivered in one package by one vendor

- total cost of ownership (TCO) competitive to traditional on-premises installation.

Is SaaS appropriate to you? As your Microsoft Dynamics AX (AXAPTA) partner we, working together, will find the best and optimum solution. We have a good knowledge and offer various leasing variants and advices how to develop and run an integrated infrastructure with your existing systems.

Renting of Microsoft Dynamics AX or SaaS (Software as a Service) has a number of significant advantages!

Call us and we will develop together the most suitable for you service package!